Carova, NC Outer Banks Real Estate: September 2009

Ten Things I Have Learned About Life From Living With a Three-Legged Dog Named Fannie Rose

Here is a great motivational post from one of my favorite REALTORS.

If you have read Fannie's Story on my website --- --- you know that she is my 3-legged terrier. I believe that she came into my life to be not only my friend, but also my spiritual guide. She taught me many lessons about dignity and coping. I would like to share them with you now.

1.  Life is not always what I thought it was going to be. I accept this fact and try to move on with the wonderful gifts I have been given.

2.  I try not to pre-judge people by their looks. Upon meeting Fannie you couldn't possibly believe that she likes to run, but she most certainly does.

3.  Sometimes I have to step out of my comfort-zone to learn new ways of doing things. Almost every time I do this, I grow.

4.  I try to focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses. Although easier said than done, it does help me to keep a positive attitude.

5.  I always look people in the eye when I talk with them. Fannie has amazingly intelligent eyes and sometimes she can communicate with me without saying a word.

6.  Simple pleasures, like a favorite sweater or a long walk are definitely the best. In Fannie's case, it is a silly little toy that I got for her from the Dollar Tree. It just makes her so happy.

7.  Listen to what your heart tells you to do. When I first saw Fannie, I knew nothing good was going to come of her being in that pet shop. My heart told me to take her home and I am so happy that I did.

8.  Patience is a virtue. It took Fannie time to heal. It takes time to grow a successful real estate business. Coping with the ambiguity takes patience and I intend to stick with my long-term goals.

9.  I have learned that routines are important to both Fannie and me. We have to eat, exercise, and sleep to stay healthy and happy. We just do it together.

10.  And as I gaze down upon Fannie curled beneath my feet while I work on the computer, I understand that unconditional love is the greatest gift one can ever give or receive.

Thank you for listening.
Morgan Mason

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